At Procursus Technologies, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

​Procursus Technologies, LLC


-Electronic Design
Includes product development, function determination, component selection,power supply design, cost reduction through value engineering, printed circuit board layout, circuit and system testing.

-High Temperature Qualification
Includes testing and qualification of electronic components and systems for use in extreme environments.

-Data Acquisition
Includes design and development of AC power and battery powered systems for remote sensing, process monitoring and data gathering.

-Printed Circuit Board Layout
Includes layout of all types of electronic circuits using through hold, surface mount and hybrid technologies. Extensive use of Protel schematic capture and printed circuit layout CAD system.

-Potting Removal
Includes removal of epoxy potting compounds from electronic modules and circuitry.

Includes selection of sensing technologies for position sensing (potentiometers, optical encoders, LVDT, RVDT, Hall effect, capacitive), load sensing (strain gauge, hall effect), acceleration, temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, etc.

Includes design and development of robotic systems for research and development, entertainment, education and hobby applications. Design and development of controls, actuation, sensing, wiring and packaging.

-Motion Control
Includes development of control systems for automation and robotic applications in both product related and in-house systems. Specification of components, sensors, mechanisms and software.

-Software and Simulation
Includes Visual BASIC, QuickBASIC, embedded microprocessor assembly language, VAL II, Compumotor Motion Architect and SPICE.

Large or small production quantities. We specialize in prototype and smaller production runs in-house as well as large scale production with our manufacturing partners in China and Hong Kong.

-Underwater Application of Electrical Systems
Includes design and specification of components and systems for use underwater. ie; sensors, system controller enclosures, seals, sealants, wiring and cabling, electrical connectors and actuators. Specification of power sources and protection including Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI).

-Project Management
Includes project management of large (greater than five million dollars) and small ($35K) projects, including budgeting, planning, resource allocation, tracking, customer interface and documentation.

-Patent Searching
Includes searching databases and sources of prior art information to determine patentability of new ideas and products.

Includes proposal preparation, detailed designs, operations and maintenance manuals and user manuals.

-Training Courses
Includes planning and presenting training courses for engineering level and technician level course material.